Need a Coach?

At some time or another even the most successful and vibrant sisters need a lift.  Working on building up your self-esteem to finally do all of those wonderful things you’ve always dreamed of? Or are you just feeling STUCK in your overall life?  Maybe you need help in creating  a loving and supporting marriage? No problem, we’ve got you covered.  SisterShineLife®  is your place to get that support, positive honest feedback and the boost you need to get back out there and do what you do best!

Learn what you need to do to help yourself, then you can move on to helping others.  With our  one-to-one personal coaching you can learn how to live your best life with and for the pleasure of Allah.  With our help you will reach deep inside to clearly define your current life and authentically design your BEST life.

At SisterShineLife® we coach you on living more authentic and inspired lives. We move forward together and as a team redesign your life with clarity, passion and purpose.

Then you can live a life that you truly love and that the Creator Most High loves. This applies even if you (like most of us) have Superwoman Syndrome and have never before admitted needing anyone’s help!

Decide today.  You no longer have to be Superwoman you can learn how to become SisterShine! Then you can  truly live a life that you love and that the Creator Most High loves.

Contact Coach Tamara for more details about one-to-one coaching, programs and workshop series.

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