About Us

What do we do?

SisterShineLife™ specializes in personal development and life coaching to inspire women to become highly-motivated and success-oriented. We focus on the 8 areas of the SisterShineLife Bloomto  help sisters blossom and create more authentic and inspired lives in service to the Creator Most High in their own unique ways!

Our S3 Philosophy: Supporting-Sisters- Successes!


In one-on-one personal coaching and group sessions the client’s individualized needs and aspirations are addressed. With the coach’s help, the client is supported in creating her own personalized life plan which will illuminate the pathway for her ultimate success.


Due to the intimate nature of one-on-one coaching SisterShineLife™ Coaching only offers this service to women. Our group sessions are private and conducted in groups of up to 15 women.  Any males interested in private sessions can be referred to qualified male coaches who offer similar services.


Success can only be defined and measured on an individual basis. Each relationship between coach and client will focus on determining the client’s own personal concept of success. The assessments and measures built into the sessions will help the client and coach tailor the programs to meet their individual needs.

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