One Step at a Time

In Broadway or in a movie or TV show, the finished product that you see makes the entire process seem as if it was effortless and easy. As art mimics life, we also know our everyday existence from the outside looking in may seem smooth and seamless to someone but just like the actors in stage on we truly know the level of work and dedication that is required behind the scenes to make daily life a success.

Success is basically one of those things that everyone has to define for him or herself. Our measure of success varies depending upon where we are in life.

When a new nursing mom finally gets her baby to latch on she may feel differently than someone who receives recognition for his or her part in a team report. But that doesn’t mean that either success is any more important. Each individual is just at a different stage in their life, and therefore their wins will be different.

 Only you can decide what is important to you and your life. Then you will be able to establish what success means for you.

This week I began to walk for exercise. I downloaded a pedometer to my phone and walked for about 25 minutes carrying 7-10 lbs in each hand. I was super excited to get home and look at how many steps I made on the pedometer and to see how many calories I used.

When I made it to the benches outside my house, I stopped and sat to bask in my win – or so I thought. I reached in my pocket and looked at my phone….. and there it was…. a big 112 steps! Now before you think wow what kind of shape is she in that it took her 25 mins to walk 112 steps? Let me say that, Alhumdulillah at this stage in my life it doesn’t take me that long to walk 112 steps (yet I do know some people out there who are glad to be able to walk that). Apparently at some time between my leaving the store and walking home the pedometer turned off. Those 112 steps were from walking up and down the halls in my home before I went to the store.


Now I won’t lie and act like I wasn’t bummed out for a minute by the fact that my pedometer didn’t record my steps-I was, but just for a minute. Then I realized something very crucial to me and everyone one else on a success journey:

 Every win is not going to be recorded but it doesn’t mean it’s not a win.

Every success you have will not be a Broadway production shining in the spotlight. But it’s still important and one step closer to your goal. And that’s what really matters.




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