SisterShineLife™ offers a comprehensive list of services to meet your coaching and mentoring needs.


  • Intensive e-coaching  via your inbox and on live chat.

One-to-One Personal Coaching:

  • Private and confidential coach and client setting.
  • Weekly or bi-monthly coaching calls.
  • Various program levels offered.

Group Coaching:

  • Private closed session with a group 10-15 individuals.
  • Coach led with guided work and group discussion about a predetermined topic.
  • Individuals will work together to reach their unique group goals.
  • Group sessions and classes vary.


  • More than 15 participants.
  • Presentations: 2 hours / Workshops: 4-hours / Seminar Series: 6 hrs or more
  • Webinars: conducted online with the same material presented live in a presentation, workshops or seminar

Contact us for more information about the services we offer.  We look forward to serving you!