Coach Tamara

Hi! I am Tamara Redfern aka Coach T.  I am the Founder and CEO of SisterShineLife ™.  I am also a homeschooling  mom of 2  teen-age boys and a loving and devoted wife of 17 yrs.

As a teacher and student of life, I am in love with the process of learning. Everyday we have an opportunity to learn something new thus having the ability to change our lives and the lives of those around us.  I am blessed that helping others is my greatest God given talent and as a women’s personal development coach and mentor alhumdulillah, it is also my passion.  As a life coach and educator, my desire is to reach out to the global sisterhood and make the greatest impact I can in my small lifetime.  This is what led me to develop SisterShineLife ™.

SisterShineLife ™ was founded in 2008, and  mashaAllah has been providing quality service to the global sisterhood ever since!  We work with women and girls in one-to-one coaching sessions, workshops and presentations.  Our SisterShineLifeLessons ™ teach techniques on improving self-esteem, conquering self-defeating behaviors and help sisters design a life that they love to lead and that most importantly Allah (swt) will love.

Thanks to modern technology our coaching is not bound by geographical restraints. Over the past five years we are grateful to have had the opportunity to help women and girls all over the world transform their relationships, marriages and overall lives. Personal coaching is conducted via Skype and workshops and are conducted locally.

Being the CEO of SisterShineLife ™  gives me the greatest joy by helping others succeed in attaining their goals and dreams.  Our motto Supporting -Sisters- Success!  is based on the belief that supporting sisterhood is supporting success.  Our clients affirm that coaching at SisterShineLife ™  helps them “feel empowered and optimistic”.

“She’s helped me come up with strategies to overcome different challenges. I feel empowered and optimistic knowing that her support is only an email away.”

Contact Us for more information on private coaching, workshops or speaking requests.

Looking forward to “Creating your SisterShineLife” with love,

Coach T

Tamara Redfern
CEO/Founder of SisterShineLife ™