Success Stories

“Tamara helped me realize how to deal with and approach changes I wanted to make during a tough period in my life. She is very caring and in tuned with what a person needs when dealing with sensitive issues that have to do with building self-confidence and inner soul-searching. I would highly recommend Tamara to anyone looking for someone to help them realize and make inner-changes associated with hard life changing situations such as divorce, low-self esteem, and body image. She is great!”


Coaching for me is very essential…it is rejuvenation. It’s like sweeping away of the dust… It’s reaffirming your strengths and helping you find other strengths, coaching clears my head and my mind and it affirms and encourages me to keep going. Especially with you T, I mean its no other name you could have picked for your coaching but shine because that’s what you help me do, you help me shine. And I appreciate it MashaAllah.


“Before my sessions with Tamara, I would make up excuses for myself to avoid facing up to crucial issues. Alhamdulillah [now I] deal with my challenges proactively. From my health, to my finances, and to my studies/work, she’s been there for me, every step of the way.”
~A Shining Sis in Jordan


“Tamara opens a safe place to reach deep inside to clearly define your current life and authentically design your best life. She is the best support I know for helping you create that life.”
~ A Ray of Sunshine in Hawaii


“I’ve sat in countless lectures, seminars, and presentations over the years, but very few speakers had the ability to command the crowd and peak the audience’s attention from beginning to end like Tamara does. Her use of contemporary activities, heart-felt examples, and insightful phrases left the crowd in deep thought, awe and amazement. Tamara is a deep, funny, and well-rounded individual, and I’d eagerly attend her presentations and be in her company any day.”
~ A Shooting Star in Canada


For the true believing woman, she understands that every second in this Life is a gift from God and a means to draw nearer to Him through acts of obedience. The reality of death is unknown and how one spends one’s time can either be for one or against one. Many of us have the time but we do not know how to use it properly; this is the benefit of having someone like Tamara in your life. She’ll help you understand what you want to improve upon, guide you in making a plan of how to achieve it, and aid you in realizing the lessons God taught you along the way”

~A Sparkle of Light in Syria