What Kind of Ripple Are You?

What kind of ripple are you?

A stone skims over the top and lands centered in a body of water. The ripples extend with each passing moment until they reach the watery edge. Every creature within has been affected by the rippling water…affected by the stone…affected by the hand that threw it.

Just like a body of water we have the capacity to be a medium. One stone thrown into our day can immediately affect not only us and our small circle of influence it can immensely affect any and everyone around us. Creating a continuous momentum that can be lead back to one event.

The single hand throwing a stone is life. One can never be sure what it will throw at you. And you have the capacity to be a medium. We either allow the stone to cause a wonderful ripple effect of charity, happiness, love and good tidings or we use it as an excuse to perpetuate wrongs that have been gone unto us and to seek revenge.

Focus on the future and pass along a good or dwell in the past and miss the opportunity at hand. Either path we choose we are a means of carrying a message. Our ripples have the ability to emit positivity and beauty, blessing others with their presence or they can simply be a disturbance unto others spreading negative energy.

The choice is yours. What kind of ripple are you?

Creating your SisterShineLife® with love,

Coach T

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